Break Old Habits

Autor: Pepe Moll de Alba

In turbulent times, when the old has still to disappear and the new is yet to arrive, Pepe Moll de Alba offers a thought-provoking and illuminating gaze where his artwork, delicate and wry, is coupled with a provocative poetic text.

His work reveals the influences of light –its shadows– and the places he has lived; from the clarity that washes over his native Barcelona and the Canary Islands, where he spent his childhood marked by close contact with nature, to the gloom of Germany, where he was shaped as an artist, and the golden glow of Italy, where he matured as a painter. It is along these contrasts and tensions that he moves, as if he had somehow naturally blended the Tuscan Renaissance with the Bauhaus, creating an invisible bridge between them and his Atlantic and Mediterranean roots.

Everything Pepe Moll de Alba creates is elegant and sensual, yet the root of his modernity is in his sincerity and courage. Break Old Habits manages to turn an autobiographical manifesto into a universal theme, inviting us to look deep within ourselves, making ours a story that is, today, more relevant than ever.

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